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White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

SEO Marketing 101: Investing in Evergreen Skills

Are you determined to grow your business website or personal blog’s online presence in malaysia seo? Are you currently deciding whether to use black hat or white SEO?

Well, make sure to do proper research. This can help you understand what strategy is the best for your website. Taking any action without proper research can be detrimental to your campaigns, and overall business strategy.

Having the knowledge to manipulate algorithms is not really an evergreen ability. What if Google suddenly goes out of business? What if Google implements an entire AI-based algorithm? Don’t let your strategy depend on Google manipulation alone. If you do this, you and your business will be in trouble.

Change your mindset.

Don’t spend tons of time learning trickery. You need to invest on learning evergreen skills.Evergreen skills don’t depend on Google alone. These skills will make you a great digital marketer. Never obsess on Google’s algorithms.

Think about how to give your business an incredible amount of value. Learn the skills that can help you make lots of money for your entire life.

What are the evergreen skills that each SEO professional must learn?

  • How to grow a vast email list
  • How to write compelling copies
  • How to sell products and services successfully
  • How to produce valuable content
  • How to reach out to your target market
  • How to establish good relationships

On-site SEO, social media and keyword research are not on the list because they are not evergreen skills. Manipulating third-party websites is not an evergreen skill. Twitter, Facebook and Google can go out of business soon, so never rely on them. Utilize your evergreen skills to gain success on these platforms, but don’t depend on them entirely. Don’t tie your income in something that is out of your control.

What you need to do is develop excellent evergreen sales and marketing skills that will definitely last a lifetime.

Afterwards, learn all about white hat SEO, and how to be successful in this aspect. Not all link building strategies lead to black hat SEO, either. So make sure to learn all about these aspects before taking any major steps.

Stop thinking about making money this month, and the next, Think about earning money for the rest of your life. You need to play the long game. Think about the far future. Change your principles. From being an algorithm manipulator, you should be a passionate business grower.