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The Top Reasons Why People Come Back to Your Website

There are billions of websites over the internet and there are even more websites in the deep and dark web as well. With so many websites offering different types of content, what do you think are the main things that people come back to your website for?

Well, in this article, I will go over the top reasons why people go back to your website and not visit others.


They say that ‘content is king’ and that is actually true. This bodes true for both search engine optimization, as well as your audience.
Content can refer to anything- videos, articles, images, programs, and any other type of content that you can think of.If you are offering amazing content that is not available on other platforms, you can expect high amounts of internet traffic as a result.

If you have enjoyed quite a lot of success, it might have been contributed by the fact that you got a really good web hosting provider. They will be able to help you with page loading speeds and provide you with other features that might be useful for you as website owner as well.

Interface and Site Navigation

How your website looks can also affect whether or not people will go back to your platform or not. This is akin to visiting a real building wherein you are most likely going to come back to an establishment if you see that it is well-built and beautiful- inside and out.

That is why when you create a website, it is important that you look at site navigation and its overall appearance as well.

Good Layout

Aside from the theme that you’ve used and the navigation of your website, how your content is laid out could also be a factor as well.

You want your main content easily accessible on the homepage while the other ones can also be visibly seen within the main interface itself. Carefully laying things out can help entice people to come back for more.

Website Uniqueness

You can expect most websites to be laid out like this:

However, there are some website owners that will make their site unique in more ways than one. For instance, they employ certain scrolling animations, make their content scrollable on one page, among a host of others. Website uniqueness is definitely something that you’d want to consider, though it can take quite a while for you to establish one.


According to a survey report published by Google, a website can experience high bounce rates if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds. In a follow-up report released in 2018, 5 seconds went down to 3. That is probably due to the fact that people now have access to high-speed internet connections.

So, what can you glean from this? It just means that website performance is necessary. If your page loads within 3 seconds, you can expect people to value your website more than others.

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