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The Struggles Of Getting Sex Toys

You have never used a sex toy in your life and you have never owned one before. It must be intimidating if you are planning to get one for yourself. Thinking of finally getting a sex toy for yourself after many months of contemplation? Here is what you need to know.

Not “thick skin” enough

Unfortunately, not everyone can be thick skin enough to walk into a physical sex toys shop to get themselves a sex toy. So what is the other option? You can order one online. You can order online from sites like Shopee or Lazada. But you still do not feel secure enough. You are afraid that the respective sellers might not package it properly. Leaving the delivery person able to see that you bought yourself a sex toy. No worries, you can get it from Secret Cherry. Secret Cherry has a variety of sex toys from vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, you name it. If you are intrigued, discover Secret Cherry sex toys malaysia.


Where To Keep?

Your sex toy has finally arrived. But the problem is that you do not know where to keep it. Sure, you can keep it in your drawer or cupboard. Sometimes it’s not safe enough as your nosy siblings or curious parents will open it to check your stuff. If that happens, then you are “kantoi”.

  • Kantoi is a Manglish word for getting caught.


No Privacy

You will have a hard time getting some private solo intimacy because there is no privacy in your house. Living in an Asian household, your family members will just barge into your room without a reason. You can not lock the door as well because they will know that something is up. So, the only time where you can actually have some peace and quiet masturbation session is you do it during midnight when everyone is asleep.


The Feeling Of Committing A Crime

When your package finally arrives, you have to quietly grab it and sneak it into your room. With your family members in the house, they will definitely ask what’s in the package. You can’t tell them it’s sex toys right? Or, some family members will cut open the package for you when you are not at home to open it yourself. If they do that, you need to do some explanation to limit the fire spread.



So there’s that. These are the struggles that you need to face when getting yourself some sex toys. You can avoid most of this if you are living alone. If you live in a household filled with family members, then best of luck. The feeling is the same as smuggling cocaine from Mexico to the United States of America.

We hope that this article has been a pleasant one for you to read. It is not meant to be entirely serious. However, we wish you all the best in getting your first ever sex toy. Be sure to read up online on how to use it.

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