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Intimate relationships between two people are complex and involve many aspects. Even using vibrator Secret Cherry store in malaysia¬† don’t feel the same anymore. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect or change the way you view yourself and your partner. Men may feel ashamed and guilty, making it difficult to talk to their partner about the problem. ED can have a direct impact on relationships with partners.

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ED has a negative effect on sexual life. A person may find it difficult to be confident or intimate with a partner when they feel unable to please them in bed. This will have an impact on trust, intimacy, and closeness with your partner. Intimacy and everyday interactions with your partner will be affected.

Another Impact:

Another impact is that a person can become more emotionally and physically exhausted because he is worried that he will not be able to get satisfying sexual activity. While this may be a sign of embarrassment and frustration, your partner may think it’s due to a loss of attraction to him or her. This of course can also have a negative impact on your partner’s confidence, you know.

vibrator Secret Cherry store in malaysia

“ED will feel very heavy because for most men, sexuality and erection remain important throughout their lives.”

At some stage, men can even reach the denial stage or experience depression. Therefore, do not underestimate the impact of ED on quality of life.


Many men are reluctant to admit that they need affection or just a hug. In fact, discussing the problem of ED with a partner is important. Talking about it with your partner will prevent emotional and physical distance from building up, and can provide the comfort and emotional support you need.


A wife may attribute her attractiveness and sexual attractiveness to the ability to make her husband sexually aroused. Wives can feel vulnerable, rejected, and afraid of being betrayed and neglected by their husbands. This feeling will get worse with the more frequent ED hinder the fulfillment of sexual activity in a relationship. Although treatment for ED can resolve the physical aspects, the psychological consequences with your partner also need to be addressed.


“Seeing a doctor or pharmacist would help.”

To overcome ED, it is very important for each partner to discuss openly what is the best way to deal with the condition. ED does not only affect the sexual life of married men. Single men with ED often avoid dating because they are worried about the consequences of the condition.


Men may not feel comfortable discussing their sex life with an andrologist, urologist or sexologist, however, this is the most effective way to deal with the problem. Together with the doctor, determine what is important in your sex life and choose the best treatment to be able to have a satisfying sex life. If you already have a partner, it is also important to include them in the consultation.


Don’t let erection problems get in the way of a more satisfying sexual experience. Erectile dysfunction can be treated medically. Immediately contact a doctor to consult about erectile dysfunction problems or consult a pharmacist about erectile dysfunction drugs.


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