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How to Care for Your Mechanical Watch

Setting the date and time

Don’t set the date or day while the watch’s hour hand is positioned at the dial’s top half. For instance, when the hour hand is between 9 and 3. This can upset the mechanical watch’s calendar, and cause its mechanism to jam. It’s safer to set the date or time by moving the hands in a clockwise direction.


Make sure that the watch is not on your wrist when using its crown. That way, you can avoid sideways pressure on its tube or stem which can cause breakage and damage over time. If you planning to get a new mechanical watch in Malaysia, don’t forget to wound it every day. It needs to be wound every single day around the same time in order to ensure great functionality.

Watch Bands

Some people love watches with partially water proof leather straps. Though, a huge silicone or steel strap is a much better choice if you love going into the water. Leather watch straps would wear faster compared to steel or rubber bands. The rate of wear would depend on environmental factors, and how the timepiece is worn. Moisture and sweat are also set to contribute to leather degeneration.


It must never come in contact with magnets. Magnets can, obviously, magnetize the watch movement, and negatively impacts its functionality. What are the usual sources of magnetization? Magnetic bracelets, iPads, magnetic clasps on bags and wallets, and some types of security procedures when traveling.


Store your mechanical watch in a clean, dry and cool place. Keep it away from sources of UV and sunlight in order to avoid discoloration and degenerative damage.


How to prolong your mechanical watch’s life? Clean it well. Regularly wipe it with a soft cloth, and then rinse it with clean water. Take note that before submerging your watch in water, check its water resistance level first.

Service and maintenance

Mechanical timepieces are just like any other machine. Whatever your watch’s make and model is, prioritize maintenance and care all the time. Conduct watch service work at any authorized center to ensure great results.