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8 Design Tips to Steal from Tech Startup Offices

Darren Bryant

There are a lot of startup companies that were established in the past decade and
what’s great is that you can learn from a lot of their chosen design layouts.

Most of the modern office design is giving a certain style that can help boost employee
productivity and efficiency across the board.

You can initiate your office makeover by reading the rest of the article to find out some
design tips that are picked apart from the tech startup offices of today.

Use Lighting as an Artform

Aside from using one light source (usually installed on the ceiling), you can make use of
wall or arm sconces to help provide lighting and make use of it as an art form.

Not only do these sconces provide adequate lighting but it can certainly add more
drama and helps set the mood for productivity as well.

Get Inspiration from Your Home

There are some company owners that can get inspiration from their homes as part of
their company culture. But, that is not the only thing that you can get from your house;
you can actually copy some of its design aspects as well.
For instance, if you follow a certain theme, say, modern country home, you can also
pick apart some design elements from there and apply it to the overall aesthetic of your
startup company if you so desire.

Mix Traditional with Modern

A lot of companies nowadays actually marry both traditional and modern pieces. This is
done to help stave off that brand new look in favor of a more vintage-looking office space.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Part of great interior design is to have fun in the creative process. If you want to add
some playful elements to help elevate the mood in the office, then do not be afraid to do so.

For example, Metromile, a car insurance company, follows a design where the company
uses matchbox cars to help improve the overall mood that their office exudes.

Always Remember the Importance of Color

Using the right colors in just about every corner of the office is important. Choosing the
right color can make or break your employees’ productivity which is why it is imperative
that you select the right one.

Do not be forced to use only one color as you can experiment with others as well. Just
so long as it meshes with the overall layout of the theme, you can have fun in selecting
the right colors for your office.

Mesh Modern Look with Antiques

If you have some really old furniture and antiques that you want to incorporate in your
office as part of the original design, you can also do that. In fact, Invuity, a tech-based
surgical product company, uses old antiques that help them achieve a more modern look.

Use Shelves

If you want to showcase some antiques or different art pieces, make use of shelves so
that they have a dedicated space.

Don’t Forget to Add Some Plants

Every modern office space makes use of plants not only to improve air quality, but to
also improve the overall aesthetics of the place as well.