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Dry Skin Problems

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Each person has different skin types, and one of the most common skin types is a dry skin type. Dry skin or in another term is known as Xerosis, is a condition where the skin gets less moisture. Dehydrated skin will look less beautiful, especially on the face, this is because using makeup in a dry skin condition will make it difficult for makeup or powder to absorb so the result is not pretty to be seen. Dry skin usually happens in open parts such as the face, hands and feet that are always exposed to heat and outdoor air. The dry skin part will also be white when scratched with nails and looks uneven on the scratched part. This situation is actually not very serious but for some women, this situation is very disturbing.

Dry skin problems can happen to both women or men. Some people who have dry skin problems have experienced it in such a long time while some are experiencing skin dehydration in certain conditions. Usually dry skin problems occur due to natural dry skin factors, environmental factors or other factors. Therefore we need to know well the type of skin we have so dry skin problems can be overcome easily. Among other factors that can cause dry skin problems are dehydration, age and genetic, weather and use of products.

In addition to the poor appearance, dry skin conditions can also cause a person to feel uncomfortable so drink enough mineral water to avoid dehydration, avoid the use of hot water when bathing because the use of hot water can reduce skin moisture. Next, eat lots of fruits and vegetables so that the body and skin can get enough vitamins. The use of bath soap that can maintain skin moisture is strongly encouraged as well as the use of body lotion after a bath is recommended especially during hot or cold weather.

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